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Fluid Dynamics Research 

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Fluid Dynamics Research publishes theoretical, numerical and experimental studies that contribute to the fundamental understanding and application of fluid phenomena. It is an invaluable resource for physicists and researchers in engineering interested in problems relevant to the motion of fluids. Featuring invited reviews and original papers on topical subjects by leading researchers in the field, the journal's coverage is broad and will appeal to researchers working in the interdisciplinary field of fluid dynamics.

Fluid Dynamics Research has a new Editor-in-Chief, Professor Yasuhide Fukumoto, who is supported by an international Editorial Board. The journal is published six times per year and has adopted article numbering, enabling papers to be published online immediately, ahead of print publication.

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Fluid Dynamics Research publishes original and creative works in all fields of fluid dynamics. The scope includes theoretical, numerical and experimental studies that contribute to the fundamental understanding and/or application of fluid phenomena.

In addition to regular papers, the journal also publishes review articles commissioned by members of the Editorial board.

Editorial board


Yasuhide Fukumoto (Kyushu University, Japan)
Vortex dynamics, Nonlinear waves


Martin Oberlack (Technische Universität Darmstadt, Germany)
Turbulence, Hydrodynamic stability, Multi-Phase flows

Shu Takagi (The University of Tokyo, Japan)
Microbubbles and Nanobubbles, Moving Boundary Problems, Multiphase Flows and Nano-Scale Themo-Fluid Mechanics

Minami Yoda (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)
Optical diagnostic techniques, microfluidics, and interfacial flows

Associate Editors

Graham Hughes (Imperial College London, UK)
Geophysical and environmental fluid mechanics, buoyancy-driven flows, ocean physics

Laurent B. Mydlarski (McGill University, Canada)
Turbulence, Mixing, Experimental methods

Stefan Llewellyn Smith (University of California,San Diego, USA)
Geophysical fluid dynamics, vortex dynamics, asymptotic methods

Koji Nagata (Nagoya University, Japan)
Fluid Dynamics, Turbulent Transport Phenomena

Benoît Pier (CNRS-Université de Lyon, France)
Instabilities, transition, and nonlinear dynamics

Hyung Jin Sung (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Republic of Korea)
Turbulence, Micro-fluidics, Flow-structure interaction

Advisory board

Koji Ohkitani (Kyoto University) Turbulence, Vortex dynamics
Shigeo Kida (Kyoto University) Turbulence, Instability
Akihiro Sasoh (Nagoya University) Compressible flow, Experiment
Kazuhiko Suga (Osaka Prefecture University) Turbulence modeling, Heat transfer
Koichi Hishida (Meiji University) Flow measurements, Multiphase flow
Mitsuaki Funakoshi (Kyoto University) Waves in fluids, Vortex motion, Chaos of fluid motion
Toshio Miyauchi (Tokyo Institute of Technology) Turbulence, Turbulent combustion
Michio Yamada (Kyoto University) Geophysical flows, Turbulence
Andrew D. Gilbert (University of Exeter, UK) Vortex dynamics, Mixing in fluids, Magnetohydrodynamics/dynamo theory
Arne Johansson (KTH – Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden) Turbulence modelling, simulation and control

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