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Privacy Policy of The Japan Society of Fluid Mechanics 

(Translated from the original in Japanese)

The Japan Society of Fluid Mechanics (JSFM) recognizes the importance of personal information, and properly handles it in terms of acquisition, use, and management as follows.

1. Collection of personal information

JSFM shall collect information which can identify certain individuals for providing services related to business purposes to the extent necessary. We shall specify the purpose to collect the personal information and confirm the provider’s intention to provide (register) such information.

2. Use of personal information

JSFM shall use the collected personal information to achieve the purposes of collecting that data to the extent necessary. However, we may use or provide for other purpose than the purposes for collection in the case of the following.

  1. In accordance with law
  2. With the provider’s consent
  3. When consigning treatment of personal data to the extent necessary for achievement of the business purposes (for example, when notifying the name and address to the company consigned for shipment of the journals)
  4. Otherwise when there is duly reason to achieve the business plan approved by Plenary Meeting or the Board of Directors
3. Management of personal information

JSFM shall make proper effort to manage the collected personal information to prevent it from being leaked out, destroyed, falsified or lost, except for the personal information which has already been disclosed by the provider or open to the public.

4. Disclosure and revision, etc. of personal information

JSFM shall in principle disclose the personal information without delay if requested by the provider thereof for disclosure, and shall in principle revise, etc. the personal information of the provider without delay and keep the latest information if requested by the provider for revision, etc.

5. Treatment on website

Use of the website operated by JSFM (hereafter, the website) is the sole responsibility of the user. JSFM shall not bear any responsibility for any damage arising from use of any information from the website or any other website to which the website is linked.

The website contains links to other websites to provide useful information and services to members. With regard to the security of personal information related to the linked sites, JSFM does not take any responsibility.

Log information obtained from access record shall not be disclosed to any third party, with the exception of maintaining statistics.

6. Cookies

Cookies make browsing easier for users who visit the Website regularly. They neither infringe on the privacy of customers, nor inflict any damage to users’ computers.

JSFM may collect information from cookies which identify users’ overall preferences or access patterns. JSFM uses the information to evaluate access trends and improve customer service.

JSFM takes necessary measures to protect such information and treats it in the same manner as the privacy information. Users may reject cookies by changing the settings in their browser software.

7. Security

With the aim of servicing our members well, JSFM registers personal information required for member registration, among others. In having users register their valuable personal information in safety, JSFM uses a dedicated server protected by a security system to prevent invalid outside access and information leakage.

8. Revision of the guidelines on collection, use and management of personal information

In order to comply with amendment of the laws or for any other reasons, the guideline on collection, use and management of personal information may be revised without any notice. The latest guideline shall be applied at all times to the personal information collected by JSFM. Such revision shall be posted on the JSFM website and shall be enforced as of the posting date.

9. Contact for handling of personal information

If you require any more information or have any questions about our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us by email.

The Japan Society of Fluid Mechanics
Haramachi1-16-5, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 152-0011, Japan

The Japan Society of Fluid Mechanics conforms to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). GDPR, adopted by EU member countries, fortifies data privacy rights, gives individuals control over when and how personal information is gathered and used. GDPR mandates went into effect May 25, 2018.